Moonlight updates
Moonlight updates

Referrals: Invite and earn $500





Moonlight's professional community is made up of thousands of developers, designers, product managers, and founders. We value our existing members and want to fairly incentivize you for growing the network. So, today we are updating and expanding our referral program!

💼 Clients can now participate in the referral program

Clients of Moonlight can now set up a referral link and get paid for referring new users. Just set up payments to activate your link.

💰 Increasing the client referral payout to $500

Get $500 when a new client signs up through your referral link and becomes a paying member. We'll send cash to your connected Stripe account automatically!

👷‍♀️New reward program for developer referrals

Get Moonlight swag for every developer you refer! We'll send you a gift from the remote work store when new developers sign up through your link and are accepted to the community.

➡️ Get started

Get your personal links to share on the referrals page of the Moonlight website!

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Moonlight Referral Program


What does a client have to spend to trigger a payout?

They need to spend $1000 on memberships or job posts.

Can I send an email introduction?

Yes! Just send an introduction email to, and we will credit you for resulting signups. Copy our recommended intro message on the referrals page!