Moonlight updates
Moonlight updates

New membership plans for hiring companies





With the acquisition of Moonlight by PullRequest, we have made some updates to how pricing and payments work on Moonlight.

What the changes mean for you:

  • Membership pricing: We have consolidated pricing to two simple plans - one for hiring contractors, and another for hiring contractors + employees. Sign in to review the plans.
  • No more invoice fees: There is no longer a markup added to in-app payments. Developers keep 100% of what you pay, and their name will show up on your credit card bill (instead of Moonlight).
  • Your active jobs: You'll still have ongoing access to any jobs where you already hired someone. The developer will need to agree to our new terms and re-connect Stripe to continue getting paid.
  • Update payment method: We switched to PullRequest's Stripe account, so you need to re-add any credit cards to pay invoices on Moonlight. Add payment methods here.
  • Updated terms: We've updated our terms of service and privacy policy.

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