Important updates to Moonlight's pricing

Today Moonlight is switching from per-hour and per-hire fees to a subscription membership for clients.

For Developers

Moonlight is free. Previously, your hourly rate included Moonlight's 15% hourly rate. Now, that 15% fee has been removed, so your hourly rate has decreased by 15%. You still earn the same amount per hour, but you may wish to tune your hourly rate.

So, if your rate was displayed at $100/hr before, you earned $85/hr after Moonlight's fee. Now, your rate just shows as $85/hour.

For Clients

Before, Moonlight included an hourly fee for all transactions. Hourly rates no longer include that fee, so rates are cheaper across the site.

In addition, Moonlight previously charged $5K per full-time hire. That fee is now waived for subscribers.

To continue using Moonlight to post jobs and hire developers, you'll need to pick a membership plan.

Questions and answers

Do subscribers still have to send payments through Moonlight?

No. But, if you still choose to do so - Moonlight charges a 5% processing fee.

What is happening with open and ongoing projects?

If your project is ongoing, you have been grandfathered into Moonlight's hourly rates. A subscription may save you money - contact us if you want to discuss this.

What is happening with the referral program?

We will be overhauling it in the next few weeks!

Any other questions?

Set up a time to talk with us here!