Moonlight updates
Moonlight updates

Small fix for home page, url validation, and post a job button





A more responsive home page

Fix responsive bug for home page overflowing. This allows the developer card at the start of the page to properly overflow and not bleed into the next section. Do this by using min-height instead of height.


Fixed company url validation

Now when editing a company profile, the URL field properly validates the URL. Protocols are required to save (either http:// or https://). Also made the same improvement when companies onboard.


Fixed mobile post a job button

On smaller screen sizes, the "Post a job" button on the company search page now works properly.

Making international signup easier for developers





As background, every developer on Moonlight has payment support enabled. To do this, we use Stripe. Stripe has had expedited onboarding, called Express, for US-based users since Moonlight was started. However, foreign developers have had to create a full Stripe account in order to access Moonlight.

Now, signing up for Moonlight is easier!

During Moonlight's team offsite to San Francisco last month, we attended the annual Stripe Sessions conference. There, they announced that Stripe Express has expanded support to 28 countries.

Moonlight has deployed all of Stripe's new Express changes, which makes the process of becoming a Moonlight developer much easier.

Try it out, and let us know your feedback!

Company empty jobs improvements





We updated the help links for companies who haven't posted jobs yet. These links can help companies learn more about posting good jobs or exploring other parts of the application.


New navigation and combined settings





New navigation

Now it's easier to discover settings in the Moonlight app. Our recent update organizes the navigation content in a more succinct way. We also updated the colors and icons to align more with recent brand updates.

Combined settings

We noticed that settings was hard to get to. So we have combined them with personal and company profiles.

If you're a developer you can now access the settings from the profile page.

If you are a company you can now access the company profile, your personal profile, and your settings from the team page.

Mobile view of the new navigation and profile

Profile and settings can now be accessed on the same page

More details: As a remote team, we record screen shares using Loom to explain app changes for fellow team member feedback. If you want to know more about our this feature, you can watch the Loom video that Colt made for the Moonlight team.

More info in active candidate alert emails





When developers post a broadcast that they are looking for work, we send an email to hiring managers that are a match!

Before, we sent only part of the broadcast info in the email:

Old broadcast email

At the request of users, today we have tweaked the alert emails to include the full broadcast:

New broadcast email

Hiring: Better access to new and active candidates





There is a private #companies channel for hiring managers, accessible through chat or Slack. It is primarily a feed of new or available developers.

Previously, we included very little information about candidates in the posts:

Old active candidate alert in Slack

We heard from clients that they wanted more info to help them decide whether to click into a developer's profile. With sometimes dozens of posts each day, it's become really hard to find relevant matches!

So, today we have updated these messages to add more information about candidates:

New active candidate alert

Please take a look and let us know how we can continue to improve these messages!

Small fixes for large screens, skill search, and jobs page





Fixed infinite scrolling on large screens

Infinite scrolling would sometimes not allow more data to populate if you are viewing on a large screen. It now populates more to try and fill the screen.

Infinite scrolling now loads to fill the page

Fix skills type-ahead overflow cutoff

The skills type-ahead will not cut content off based on the parent input size.

Skills type-ahead does not cut off content now

Fix new tab click for job descriptions

You can now right click (or CMD/CTRL + Click) a job to open it as a new tab.

Right click job posting to open in new tab

Better messaging about job cancellations





Thanks to Moonlighter Tom for reporting this omission.

When jobs get canceled, we send an email to all applicants to let them know. In the past, we only sent the name of the job in the email:

Old job cancellation notification email

But, many jobs have similar names, and Tom requested that we include the name of the company in this email. So, now - when a job gets canceled, we include both the name of the company and the job in the email.

New job cancellation notification email

Thanks, Tom! If you have any similar bugs or improvements, email us

Some small visual bug fixes





Style Nested Lists

You could always create nested bullet and number listed in our rich text editor, but now they are properly displayed on job postings and developer broadcasts.

Showing an example of nested bullet points now have the proper indent

Fix layout bug on the home page

Fixed a small flexbox bug on the home page. The icons and text were not aligning correctly.

Showing the fixed home page layout on a Pixel 3XL

Fix typo in developer profiles

Thanks to Shawn Smith for pointing out the typo of "Contract project s" (added space before the "s").

Interesting how in Vue.js, a <template v-if="true"></template> can create blank spaces where you don't want them.

Showing the typo "contract project s" fixed on developer profiles

Improved Slack Channel Naming





Slack increased the channel name size to 80 characters. With this increase, we can have much more meaningful channel names! The next time you are in the Moonlight Community Slack check out the new names!

Here is what our channel naming used to look like:


With the new update, we wanted to make it easier to identify the developer's name (since it's more useful for legibility than an ID number 😆)

Below are some examples of the new channel names. The first thing to notice is the developer's first name is now the first field and the last field is a random string to avoid any conflicts. The middle fields are based on the context of the channel.


This change should improve your ability to find the channels that matter to you. As always, if you have any feedback - please let us know!