Bug fix on the theme selector

Thanks to moonlighter Clayton for reporting a bug on the theme selector in user profiles. We had a checkbox that was floating instead of scrolling:

That has been fixed 👍 If you see any other bugs - please report them to team@moonlightwork.com.

Better email notifications for messages

When Moonlight users receive in-app messages, we used to send a notification about "Unread messages" in the app. This was annoying because you could receive a lot of emails, and they didn't tell you which messages were new - you had to sign in to the app!

So, today we're fixing that. Instead of telling you how many "unread" messages you have, we show you new messages directly in the email 👏

We hope that this change makes it much easier to keep up with conversations in the app. We've also made some other minor changes to messaging, such as making email subject lines unique to prevent grouping in email clients and updating some messaging copy.

If you have any feedback - please let us know!

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 2.09.46 PM.png

Showing open jobs on each company's Moonlight profile

Profiles for people and for companies were one of the first features we built for the first version of the Moonlight app. Over the coming months, we plan to improve company profiles to share a full story about the mission and trajectory of each company. We have learned that explaining a company and its working environment is more important than a specific job description!

Today, we are pushing out a new feature that displays open jobs from a company on their company profile. This creates a new way for developers to discover jobs that match their skills and interests. Companies can share their profile within the network and show the open jobs they are hiring for.

Stay tuned as we add more features and improvements to company profile pages 😀

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 1.40.55 PM.png

Making Moonlight's website more accessible

We want to make sure that the Moonlight app meets accessibility standards so that everyone can have a great community experience. We learned from doing an audit that our marketing website, including the homepage and many landing pages, had some issues with color contrast and HTML markup.

A Moonlight contractor helped us research the problem, and resolved the main accessibility problems. Our most consistent issue was low-contrast text - because we used grey text on a white background throughout the marketing site. We plan to continue making these types of improvements throughout the Moonlight app with improved colors, font sizing, and formatting.

Let us know if there are any accessibility issues you have noticed! We are happy to add updates to the roadmap to make Moonlight easier for you to use.

If you want to evaluate a page for accessibility, we suggest using the Audit feature of Google Chrome Devtools. It will give you a comprehensive report of improvements that can be made!

Moonlight's more accessible homepage

Broadcasts: Alert the community when you're available for work

Starting today, developers can broadcast their work availability to the community. Hiring managers receive matches based on the candidate's skills and location.

What this means for developers: When you're looking for a new contract or full-time opportunity, share it to the Moonlight community to start getting interviews!

What this means for hiring managers: Solve your sourcing problems by getting a feed of active developer matches! Make sure the skills on your company profile are up-to-date so you can get the most relevant matches.


Slack registration is fixed

Most users of Moonlight choose to use our Slack integration rather than in-app chat to connect with others. It's a convenient way to participate in the community using your existing workflows!

Unfortunately, we missed an API change in Slack that broke how our registration process works. So, Slack signups were not being connected to Moonlight accounts.

Today we fixed that problem!

If you joined the Slack community but were not added to any private channels (e.g., #companies or #developers) - then please email team@moonlightwork.com and we will manually connect your account!

(If you're not in the Slack community - click "Chat" in the app and find a sign-up link in the corner!)

Better search results for skills

We learned a lot about best practices for autocomplete in this excellent article. So, we just released an update to our skill search component that applies many of these best practices!

The skill search component is used in many places throughout the app. Moonlight users see it when they post a new job, add skills to their profile, or search for a developer. We most recently updated it by incorporating some machine learning.

React is one of the most popular skills on Moonlight. Let's see the improvements in action by typing "Re" into the search component:

Old results (Bad)

Old autocomplete algorithm

Updated results (Better)

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 12.04.03 PM.png


As you can see, it prioritizes matches that start with rather than just contain the query make a huge improvement. Also, we show "React" before "React Native" because it is shorter.

We added a couple of tweaks beyond those described in the article. For example, our algorithm detects searches that are acronyms of skills (so that "AWS" returns "Amazon Web Services" first!)

If you notice any weird behavior, please let us know!

Launching a weekly newsletter

Tomorrow we are launching a weekly newsletter for clients and developers on Moonlight. We hope it can decrease email noise, and better let you know what is most relevant and helpful to you on Moonlight!

Benefits for everybody:

  • A digest of your Moonlight action items
  • See latest community posts and updates

Benefits for developers:

  • Review latest job matches
  • Add latest skills to your profile for better matching

Benefits for companies:

  • Review new and recommended developer matches
  • Get status updates about open job posts

This is an experimental system that we built in-house. Let us know your thoughts and feedback, plus any bugs you find!

One-click unsubscribe

It's now easier to manage the emails that you receive from Moonlight. Marketing emails now include a one-click unsubscribe link in their footer.

Manage your email subscriptions, and see the type of emails that Moonlight sends on the settings page.

Cleaner email templates

We've updated our standard email template! It looks cleaner and more consistent with our latest branding.

If the layout happens to render incorrectly in your email client, please let us know so that we can fix it.


Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 3.25.57 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 3.26.34 PM.png

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Moonlight will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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