Updating fonts

Today we changed the fonts on Moonlight's website from Poppins to Montserrat and Roboto.

If you see any spacing that seems off or kerning that looks like keming - please let us know, and we'll fix it!

While we picked the font Montserrat for its looks, it holds a special place in our hearts. The font's author named it after the Montserrat neighborhood in Argentina, which we visited while living in Buenos Aires earlier this year. But, that neighborhood was named after the beautiful Montserrat ("serrated mountain") outside of Barcelona. It was one of our team's favorite places to visit during our world travels, and we went back multiple times.

So, here's a view from a hotel room in Montserrat where we built part of Moonlight:


Updated skill search - now with machine learning!

Moonlight users search across 400+ skills in many parts of the app - such as while posting a job, updating their profile, or finding a developer. We just published an overhaul of the skill selection component. This redesign makes selecting skills easier to use.


In addition, we incorporated Moonlight's first machine learning algorithm. As you add skills, the skill search component will automatically suggest related skills. So, if you add "Django" - it may suggest "Python". Under the hood, this uses a collaborative filtering algorithm. It is trained on anonymized collections of skills that developers have added to their profiles.

Try it out by adding new skills to your Moonlight profile! Maybe you will discover some new skills that will match you with new opportunities in the future!

Updated search page for clients

Today we are launching a redesign of the search page for clients! We have overhauled its layout to make it easier to use. Also, we have added the ability to filter developers by country (in addition to filtering by city) and to add multiple location filters at the same time.

Try it out, and let us know your thoughts and feedback!

💡Tip: You can bookmark a search results page to come back to it. Also, you can share that link with coworkers (who you can invite to your account!).


Launching Moonlight Subscription

Clients who are hiring multiple developers have been asking for subscription-based pricing on Moonlight. So, today we are launching Moonlight Premium - a subscription product for Moonlight clients!

Hiring multiple developers this year? Get full access to Moonlight for your company:

  • No fee for full-time hires (normally $5,000 each)
  • 10% off of all developer hourly rates on invoices (We normally take a 15% cut, and this reduces it to be about at-cost)
  • Option to pay and manage developers outside of Moonlight

Moving to a subscription allows us to focus on making hiring tools that are quick and efficient, rather than processing payments. Unlike the competition, this also makes Moonlight a more open community - so that we don't have to be secretive, isolating, or controlling. Our focus will still be on finding great engineers and matching them with growing companies.

Want to set it up? Subscribe here for $10K/year. Compared to the cost of a full-time hire on other sites ($30-40K for each hire), a year of unlimited use for your whole company is a bargain!

Search developers by location

Clients can already search Moonlight developers based on knowledge of certain technologies, like React.js. Now, you can also filter results by city. This makes it easy to find local developers for your next project!

Making search rankings more relevant

Moonlight allows clients to search for developers that know specific technologies, such as Javascript or Python. Also, Moonlight uses that same search function to match developers to new jobs. You can learn more about how the search works here.

Today we are updating search to weight skills based on relevancy. We now treat less-popular skills as more important when ranking developers.

If you post a job with the skills of "Javascript" and "Leaflet.js," we used considered the skills as equally relevant while generating rankings. But, right now, 900 developers have Javascript on their profile - but only 13 have Leaflet.js! So, Leaflet.js is a lot more relevant for matching developers for this job. We calculate the weighting based on how many developers know a skill - so, less popular skills influence rankings more.

We hope that this change makes job matches and search more useful to everybody using Moonlight!

Launching paystubs

Developers can now see paystubs with each invoice in the Jobs section of the Moonlight app. These paystubs show the hour-by-hour breakdown that clients were billed, the fee paid to Moonlight, and the final amount paid to the developer.

With each new payment, we are emailing you a unique link to this stub. You can forward the pay stub to your accountant, and they can access it without needing to log in!

If you add your address on the settings page - then this paystub will reflect your address, too!

Empowering developers to negotiate contract rates

Summary: We are giving developers the ability to discuss and determine pricing with clients, while still setting their hourly rates. Moving forward, Moonlight will take a flat-rate 15% fee on developer payments. Throughout the Moonlight app, we will only be referring to the hourly rate that clients pay.

Pricing history

Moonlight launched with a 15% markup on its pricing. As clients made hires, they were not expecting to pay 15% more than the rate they saw in the app. We were negatively surprising clients with our fee!

So, we tried blended pricing. Every rate that clients saw in the app included the markup. Every rate that developers saw in the app excluded the markup. As developers discussed pricing with clients, we negatively surprised them by not making it clear how pricing worked.

Change today

We want to increase transparency, and let developers be more in control of what they get paid. Throughout the Moonlight app, all pricing will reflect what the client pays. Developers can still determine their hourly rate, and now they can more easily understand how changes affect their earnings.

Our inspiration is moving toward a talent agent model. We'll help you get work for free, and we only get paid when you get paid. Moonlight will use money from fees to find clients, build software, provide support, collect payments, advertise your profile, and support you as a contractor.

Note for clients

This changes nothing for you. What you see is what you pay in Moonlight.

Notes for developers:

  • The hourly rate you see on your profile has changed - but the amount you earn has not. If you previously set your hourly rate on your profile at $85/hour, then today you will see $100/hour. You will still be getting paid the same $85/hour after Moonlight's fee. You will just see the same pricing as a client.
  • You are always 100% control your hourly rate and choose how much you get paid. As you change your hourly rate in the Moonlight app, we clearly differentiate between your billing rate and pay rate.

You are free to negotiate your rate with clients on Moonlight - for instance, you can give a discount for weekly billing rates. If you set custom rates with clients, then note that the 15% fee comes from that number. To update job terms after you have submitted an application, email us (team@moonlightwork.com), and we will manually make the update. We will quickly roll out tooling to let you customize your rates on a per-project basis.

These pricing changes only affect new jobs. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback - please email us, and we are happy to help!

Chat initiated through a developer's profile now sends email notifications

We recently added the ability to start a conversation with any developer through their profile. However, we forgot to enable notifications for new messages. Whoops!

These direct interview channels now trigger emails just like every other channel. You can manage messaging subscriptions on your settings page.

Add your city to your profile

Location on Moonlight profile

Developers can now feature their city on their profiles! Finding local contractors has been a top request by clients. So, we are working on incorporating location into our matching algorithms!

We intend for local matches to empower occasional in-person collaboration, not on-site jobs. Our research shows that local matches increase trust and make clients willing to pay higher rates. So, counter-intuitively, location-based matching improves remote work.

If you move around as often as we do - it's easy to update this location! Plus, we will use this information to let you know about future Moonlight meetups!

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Moonlight will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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