Some small visual bug fixes

Style Nested Lists

You could always create nested bullet and number listed in our rich text editor, but now they are properly displayed on job postings and developer broadcasts.

Showing an example of nested bullet points now have the proper indent

Fix layout bug on the home page

Fixed a small flexbox bug on the home page. The icons and text were not aligning correctly.

Showing the fixed home page layout on a Pixel 3XL

Fix typo in developer profiles

Thanks to Shawn Smith for pointing out the typo of "Contract project s" (added space before the "s").

Interesting how in Vue.js, a <template v-if="true"></template> can create blank spaces where you don't want them.

Showing the typo "contract project s" fixed on developer profiles

Improved Slack Channel Naming

Slack increased the channel name size to 80 characters. With this increase, we can have much more meaningful channel names! The next time you are in the Moonlight Community Slack check out the new names!

Here is what our channel naming used to look like:


With the new update, we wanted to make it easier to identify the developer's name (since it's more useful for legibility than an ID number 😆)

Below are some examples of the new channel names. The first thing to notice is the developer's first name is now the first field and the last field is a random string to avoid any conflicts. The middle fields are based on the context of the channel.


This change should improve your ability to find the channels that matter to you. As always, if you have any feedback - please let us know!

More instructive developer application emails

In order to join the Moonlight community, developers must apply and get their profiles approved.

The application process ensures that developers are:

  • Experienced enough to work independently with companies
  • Can be paid through Stripe
  • Have enough information on their profile for hiring managers to understand their background.

We have updated the application (acceptance and request for more info) emails so they are more instructive throughout the process.

This change should make it easier for applicants to understand what steps they need to take in order to have their profile approved on Moonlight!

Improved company onboarding

Companies sign up for Moonlight to find and hire experienced software developers. One of the best ways to find matches through Moonlight is to post a job, and get matches based on skill, experience, and availability.

Previously, we were prompting companies to post a job during onboarding so they could start getting developer matches right away. The problem was that some companies were not ready to start actively recruiting right away.

Now we have removed the job posting process from the initial onboarding flow. Hiring managers can post a job once they are ready to actively start vetting applicants!

Frame 2.png

Referred companies now get 50% off their first month

The Moonlight referral program lets users earn money and rewards for referring both developers and clients to Moonlight.

Now, when you refer a hiring manager - they receive 50% off their first month of membership. It's a win/win - they get a discount, and you get rewarded!

👉 See and share your referral link in the Moonlight app!

Bug fix on icon padding

We had an issue where icons were overlapping link text on user profiles. This visual bug has been resolved, so links are easier to read and nicer to look at 👏

Old icons that we were accidentally overriding with custom CSS:

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 4.24.36 PM.png

New icons that have consistent spacing for legibility: Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 4.24.44 PM.png

Showing more hiring preferences on company profiles

Moonlight allows companies to select whether they are hiring full-time employees or contractors. Previously, companies could not make a global preference for getting notifications about job type (contract vs. full-time).

We pushed a new change today so companies can change their hiring type preferences for notifications and matching globally. If a company only selects "full-time employees" on their profile, they will only see developer matches who match that requirement.

Companies will notice these updates in:

  • Email notifications about active candidates (Broadcasts)
  • Weekly email newsletter matches (new and active candidates)

To make updates to your job preferences, navigate to your company profile in the Moonlight app, press "edit", and change the toggles to align with your needs.

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 4.10.26 PM.png

Bug fix on the theme selector

Thanks to moonlighter Clayton for reporting a bug on the theme selector in user profiles. We had a checkbox that was floating instead of scrolling:

That has been fixed 👍 If you see any other bugs - please report them to

Better email notifications for messages

When Moonlight users receive in-app messages, we used to send a notification about "Unread messages" in the app. This was annoying because you could receive a lot of emails, and they didn't tell you which messages were new - you had to sign in to the app!

So, today we're fixing that. Instead of telling you how many "unread" messages you have, we show you new messages directly in the email 👏

We hope that this change makes it much easier to keep up with conversations in the app. We've also made some other minor changes to messaging, such as making email subject lines unique to prevent grouping in email clients and updating some messaging copy.

If you have any feedback - please let us know!

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 2.09.46 PM.png

Showing open jobs on each company's Moonlight profile

Profiles for people and for companies were one of the first features we built for the first version of the Moonlight app. Over the coming months, we plan to improve company profiles to share a full story about the mission and trajectory of each company. We have learned that explaining a company and its working environment is more important than a specific job description!

Today, we are pushing out a new feature that displays open jobs from a company on their company profile. This creates a new way for developers to discover jobs that match their skills and interests. Companies can share their profile within the network and show the open jobs they are hiring for.

Stay tuned as we add more features and improvements to company profile pages 😀

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 1.40.55 PM.png