Chat initiated through a developer's profile now sends email notifications

We recently added the ability to start a conversation with any developer through their profile. However, we forgot to enable notifications for new messages. Whoops!

These direct interview channels now trigger emails just like every other channel. You can manage messaging subscriptions on your settings page.

Add your city to your profile

Location on Moonlight profile

Developers can now feature their city on their profiles! Finding local contractors has been a top request by clients. So, we are working on incorporating location into our matching algorithms!

We intend for local matches to empower occasional in-person collaboration, not on-site jobs. Our research shows that local matches increase trust and make clients willing to pay higher rates. So, counter-intuitively, location-based matching improves remote work.

If you move around as often as we do - it's easy to update this location! Plus, we will use this information to let you know about future Moonlight meetups!

Developers can add their mailing address

We send stickers, swag, and occasional postcards to developers who are working through Moonlight. To make it easier, developers can now add their mailing address on their account settings page.

(Full mailing addresses are private information in Moonlight. We will soon let you add your city to your public profile, too!)

Add your company address to invoices

Clients can now add the address of their company on the settings page. The address will now appear on each invoice issued by Moonlight, which has been a common request from accounting teams.

Also, we may use this address to send occasional gifts!

One click to contact any developer!

Clients have asked for an easier way to get in touch with contractors that they find through search. Today we are launching a "Contact" button at the top of every developer profile. If you're logged in, it only takes one click to start chatting with any developer on the site!

Timesheet bug fix (again)

Two months ago, we fixed some bugs on our timesheet page. Today, we fixed more issues with the date selector component. It still sometimes showed the wrong day, and it broke in Firefox.

The core issue is that we were using a third-party component that returned a Date object in Javascript. We had to convert this to a day (e.g., 2018-08-01). Also, we had to repeat the process in reverse - going from a day to a Date, so that we should show the right day on the calendar. Managing this conversion with different time zones was the root challenge.

The fix was changing out the calendar component for one that directly consumed our API day format, rather than having to use an intermediary Date object.

Hourly rates now reflect total price

In the past, Moonlight showed clients the pay rate of the developer, then separately added in our markup on invoices. Unfortunately, many new clients were not expecting that extra fee on their first invoice!

Now, clients see the full hourly cost of a developer, including the Moonlight markup, in all parts of the Moonlight app.

As a contractor, you still set your hourly rate and get paid 100% of that for all work!

Upgrades to PDF downloads and rendering infrastructure

Users have commonly experienced errors while downloading invoices as PDFs. Also, we have noticed similar problems with our server-side rendering software, which lets search engines and crawlers better see Moonlight.

These problems originate at the Renderer service, which we wrote using Chromeless. Because Chromeless is now deprecated, we have replaced Renderer with a modified version of the Puppetron project.

Result: PDF downloads should work now, page loads should be faster, and search engines should be able to index Moonlight better!

Interview chat in the Moonlight app

Previously, clients had to communicate with job applicants via email. The response rate was low, and it was a disconnected experience.

Today we are launching the ability to interview job candidates through Moonlight's web and Slack chat features. As a client, you can start a private channel to interview applicants with one click. The developer gets notified right away.

We believe this update will keep contractors more engaged in the hiring experience and will shorten the time from job post to hire!


Get notified about new messages

Moonlight users who have unread chat messages now will now get notified via email. Web messaging is now close to parity with Slack.

If you send a message in web messaging or Slack - you can expect a reply!

(Users who have set up Slack will not get these emails.)

No published changelogs yet.

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