Auto-saving drafts of job postings and applications

One of the biggest complaints from our community has been that it's too easy to discard a job post or application while writing it. Today, that's fixed!

When a client posts a job, or when a developer applies to a job - we use a modal to collect details. While writing, sometimes users close the modal to reference information (like the job requirements in a post). Now, we are storing that saving that draft! So, when you open the modal back up, it restores what you were writing!

Data stores locally right now in a cookie. If you are interested in extending this functionality, please let us know about your use case!


Moonlight Slack Community

Today we are publishing the first version of a Slack channel for the Moonlight Community. All developers and clients will receive an invitation from "Moonbot" to join In addition, all active jobs on Moonlight will automatically have a private channel between clients and the developer.


Developers have a private #developers channel, and clients have a private #clients channel. In addition, we will use the #announcements channel to share product updates, new skills, and other important information.

In the future, we will be using Slack for all messaging on Moonlight. Job updates will be posted in their respective private channels, and Moonbot will message users personal account information. Messaging will be closely integrated with the Moonlight product UI.

Please review the community guidelines that we published last month. We strive for an inclusive and professional community.

Download Invoice PDFs

Need to document your Moonlight payments? You can now download invoices as a PDF. The button is at the top of every invoice!

Quick tip: The "Invoice Paid" email that you automatically receive from Moonlight contains a secret link directly to the invoice. Forward the email to your expense or accounting team, and they will have access to the invoice (and PDF download) without having to log in!


No published changelogs yet.

Surely Moonlight will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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